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The Level of Public Debate, +1

Alright, now I’m going to comment. Apparently, Ann Coulter defended her calling John Edwards a faggot by pointing out that as she didn’t mean gay but sissy, “[i]n that way, it is a sophomoric word, not a bad word.”

So faggot is a bad word only if it means homosexual?  What the hell?

Alright, I’ve calmed down now.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she thinks that homosexuals are bad, since she and the right-wing fanaticos have been trying to brand homosexuals as second-class citizens for a while now, with the ban on gay marriage, the resistance against

gay adoption, and forcing them to wear pink triangles.

And why can’t I get this editor to figure out proper line breaks? Now I’m angry all over again.

[Update: Sullivan makes the same point, but better. And when I read it, I’m reminded of SNL’s Hans & Franz, and how there’s a joke to be made by comparing this with their “Gurly-boy” schtick, maybe something with what Grrl-power icons would say. I don’t know]


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