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An Introductory Guide to Terevel: the World of Terevel

Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, damen ünt herren: I present for your enjoyment – Terevel. Terevel is the fantasy roleplaying gameworld that I am working on, and I am going to use this blog to write an introduction to it, partly to organize my thoughts, partly so I know where I have my thoughts organized, and partly just to write something.

Geography:  The Titanpeaks divide the continent into eastern  and western parts. Fairly in the middle of the western divide is Shmashana, the mountain-surrounded Burning Grounds, whence none have returned to explain what lies there; but it is thought to be the restingplace of the sun because of its extreme temperature which radiates outwards, turning the surrounding lands into desert. North of this is the Crocodile Swamps, which, as their name implies, consist mostly of swamps, marshes, fens, mangrove forests, and similar kinds of terrain. At the farthest western reaches of the continent, the lands turn colder, in the tundra of the Iceplains and the snowy peaks of the Friras Fells. There is a large forest, the Kanaku Forest, in a southwestern direction from Shmashana.

Biology: Most races will be described when I cover their respective regions, but I will speak briefly on  the subject: Trolls in the mountains; Dragons on an island to the northeast; No Elves; Dwarves are sort of replaced by the Titans; psychic trees; horned Icegorillas.

More to come.


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