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Melodifestivalen deltävling 4

This is the introduction in which I explain that what follows is my opinions on the songs in part 4 of the Swedish psrt of the ESC.

1. Agnes – Love Love Love. This song sounds like  an 80’s R&B-disco-pop song. The singer has had some trouble with her throat this week, and it shows.

2. Star Pilots – Higher. Recycled music, recycled lyrics. The all-permeating theme of US Naval aviators just seems silly, but this contestant i more about their image than the song.

3. Susanne Alfvengren – Du är älskad där du går. If this contest is so intent on including so many sappy ballads, can’t they be good ballads? And singers that can sing well? Or at least something at least so nearly identical to every other sappy ballad? It seems not.

4. Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng  – Killing me Tenderly. Although this is too much R&B for me to normally like, I do like this. It might be the “Stand by me” bass-line, or it might be because this is the first song tonight where the singing wasn’t sub-par.

5. Thorleifs – Sweet Kissin’ in the Moonlight. Nice dansbands-song of classic style. I can’t help but like the introductory saxophone playing. I would have thought, however, that a singer of such experience and fame would have greater stage pesence.

6. Sarah Dawn Finer –  Moving On. Powerful ballad, although not very exciting. SDF produces clear and well-sung notes, but I believe the song would benefit by being sung with more strength and at a lower pitch.

7. Next 3 – Esta Noche. Simply not good enough. I could point to the individual faults in this song, but I find that pointless, preferring that while all parts are sub-par, the rapping  is the worst. To be fair, it could be the best rap this contest has ever featured and still not be any good.

8. Malena Ernman – La Voix. I don’t like the poppy verses of this song, partly because they’re not any good, and partly because they stand in such stark contrast to the operatic parts, which is where this song and its singer really shine.


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