The Bufinidas Show
“I’m neither left or right/I’m just staying home tonight/Getting lost in that hopeless little screen”

Living with the Dead

A song, in the style of Goth Rock.

I feel a presence in the air
Something crawling in the night, I fear
I see something in the shadows there
How come I'm feeling so alone in here

This is where it ends
But don't - lose your head
These are my friends
I'm living with the dead

They're all so evil, yes it's true
They always drink - my last coke
Watch out they'll pull some prank on you
If you're not careful they will play an evil joke


(Sotto voce)
And now the party's over
Head for your homestead
Come back tomorrow
We'll be living with the dead
We'll do it now instead
There's just no way of stopping
When you're living with the dead

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