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Terevel: Titanpeaks and the Grey Titans

The Titanpeaks are one of the most striking geographic features on Terevel’s map, splitting the continent into two parts. Deep inside these mountains live the Grey Titans, a short, metallic-skinned race of miners and craftmen. Their cavernal habitats, joined together by tunnels, are lit by three so-called wells, the Well of Thogall, the Well of Gresh, and the Well of Kochom. Titan mythology states these wells to be a gift from the Elblers head god Steofal, god of Light when the Titans were banished to their mountainous habitat. The Titans have learned to transport this light almost losslessly to their settlements outside their three original cities.

Physiology: Titans have tough, leathery skin, which goes from being white in youth, through their epinomous grey in their adult life, to silvery in old age. They range from 1 to 1½ meter in height(~3-5 feet).

Government: Each city is ruled by a king, and in times of distress these join together under  a high king. These kings usually don’t have great amounts of power, being mostly a figurehead for the people and advisor to the same. They are elected by popular assent, and it is not unusual for a city to be without a king for any amount of time.

Psychology: The archetypal Titan is stoic and loyal with a strong sense of fairness and justice. They are attentive to small details, which can go so far as to be pedantic. Faults that other races lay to them include their overprotective, preachy and sometimes cynical traits. Titans are generally said to be good storytellers, as long as they don’t get too bogged down in the genealogy of the characters.


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